The American Civil War, the epic of the North and South a study part 2


My study entitled, ”The American Civil War, the epic of the North and South” (part 2), published in Bahrain’s Al-Watan Newspaper on 11 January 2013.





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My study entitled, “The American Civil War, the epic of the North and South” (part 1), published in Bahrain’s Al-Watan Newspaper on 14 December 2012.




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My article today (12 November 2012) in Al-Watan Newspaper, Bahrain entitled, “’Read’ a word that entails the spirit of seeking knowledge and discovery.”

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Some dreams are like feature films they seem to never end and can drain you. Shorter dreams however, are more like short films, you erase them from memory once you’re done.

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A painting by the Estonian artist Amandus Adamson depicting Vlad III, the Impaler of  ‪Wallachia in modern day Romania receiving an Ottoman envoy.  Vlad the Impaler born in Transylvania, Romania who’s personality later inspired the creation of Count Dracula the vampire, is seen here arguing with the envoy sent by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II requesting him to pay the state’s annual tax to the Ottomans.

Vlad III refused and executed the messengers of Mehmed II by nailing their turbans to their heads since they refused to take them off in his presence.  Vlad III was known for his cruelty towards his own people and opponents, he dinned while watching executions and often executed his enemies in a cruel, slow and inhumane manner; and that’s how the legend of Count Dracula eventually developed.

After a series of internal unrest the Ottomans assassinated him, presumably in 1476.

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A sketched illustration by Rembrandt Harmensz, depicting the renowned Muslim Historian and Philosopher Ibn Khaldun (lifetime: 1332 – 1406) pleading with Tamerlane the Mongolian ruler (reign: 1370 – 1450) to hault any possible attacks targeting the city and people of Damascus after the Mamluks retreated from the city upon the arrival of the Mongols.  Tamerlane did not head to Ibn Khaldun’s advice and destroyed the city.

He later marched to Turkey where he confronted and defeated the Ottomans who sheltered previous rulers who Tamerlane wanted.  The battle of Ankara resulted in the fall of Sultan Bayezid in captivity and the re-establishment of the Baylik States in Asia Minor thus resulting in the first and only Ottoman Civil War.  No other medieval ruler is despised by medieval and modern Arab Muslim historians like Tamerlane.

The sketch is found today at the Louvre in France.

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