A Bahraini historian, researcher and media specialist born in Muharraq and raised in Manama, Hamad Abdulla was brought up in an intellectual family that nurtured in him the love of reading and writing books.

Currently, Abdulla is a full-time PhD student in History at the University of East Anglia, UK. For his tertiary education, Hamad Abdulla received his Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Public Relations from Al-Ahlia University in 2012 in Bahrain. For the fulfillment of his Master’s degree, Abdulla wrote a thesis entitled “The treatment of Arab national issues in the Bahraini newspaper Akhbar Al-Khaleej” in 2012. As to his Bachelor’s degree, Abdulla studied Mass Communication in Southern Illinois University, USA and graduated in 2002. As to his secondary schooling, Abdulla graduated in 1998 from Bahrain Bayan School which is one of the leading bilingual international schools in Bahrain.

Abdulla published his first book in Arabic entitled “Ettore Muti: the Legend of Fascist Italy” in 2010. The book documents the life and times of the Italian Fascist pilot Ettore Muti (1902 – 1943) who led an air-raid in World War II on Bahrain’s oil refinery. It highlights various stages of Muti’s life starting with his early years in the city of Ravenna, until his assassination in 1943. Dedicating an entire chapter to the incident of bombing Bahrain’s oil refinery, the writer narrates the details of the incident and reveals facts that were not known before locally. The researcher aims for the book to become an important reference to researchers and writers interested in the personality at hand and the history of Bahrain in the 20th century. The book consists of 164 pages and contains a variety of photographs outlining the life of Muti.

Abdulla’s second book also in Arabic entitled, “Samuel Zwemer: the Encounter of Christianity with Islam” was published in 2011. This reference portrays the life and times of the American Missionary Samuel Marinus Zwemer (1867 – 1952). Zwemer was one of the founders of the Arabian Mission. He is also a leading figure in international missionary efforts especially that that targeted the Arabian Peninsula in the golden age of the missionary movement which stretched from the 19th century to the early decades of the 20th century. Zwemer’s name is forever associated with the history of Bahrain as he left behind him many monuments visible to this day. One of these is the American Mission Hospital, formerly known as the Mason Memorial Hospital. In the book, Abdulla highlights the various stages of Zwemer’s life focusing on the establishment of the Arabian Mission in the Arabian Peninsula. He then narrates Zwemer’s time in Egypt during which he overlooked publishing missionary books targeting the Muslim world. The book also sheds light on Zwemer’s work at Princeton Theological Institute to his retirement and death in 1952. The book consists of 510 pages, in addition to 72 pages dedicated to photographs and illustrations which have a direct and indirect connection to the personality.

In May 2012, Hamad Abdulla published his third book entitled, “Charles Belgrave under the shades of Siwa Oasis.” This reference documents Belgrave’s first administrative post in the Egyptian Siwa Oasis in 1920 prior to his appointment as an advisor to the Bahraini government in 1926. The book starts with an overview of the history of Siwa Oasis known for its abundant history and archeological relics. It also narrates Belgrave’s experience in the Western Sahara in North Africa prior to his travel to Siwa Oasis. The publication also highlights Belgrave’s journey to the oasis documenting many minute details of his interaction with the Siwans. Later the book explores Belgrave’s adventures in the oasis and its people. The book concludes with a narration of the main customs and traditions that Belgrave witnessed during his stay in the historic oasis. The book comprises 177 pages including various pictures and illustrations.

Abdulla’s publications have been well received by the press and local intellectuals as many pointed out the effort placed by the author in research and documentation.

As to his career, Abdulla worked from 2002 to early 2011 as the CEO of Al-Wa’ad Media Production (WMP), a media production house in the Kingdom of Bahrain specializing in the production of documentary and corporate films. The company has executed various projects to companies and establishments in the public and private sectors regionally. During that time period, Abdulla overlooked and directed a number of documentary films. One of these is “Tears on an Island” (2009), a film based on a book by the same title written by Dr. Abdul Aziz Hamza that documents various events and disasters that unfolded in the Kingdom of Bahrain in recent history. Since April 2011 – September 2012, Abdulla worked as a Media Specialist at the Secretariat General for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, in Riyadh.

Abdulla is a member of the following organizations: the Bahrain Historical and Archeological Society, Bahrain; the American Civil War Round Table Society, UK; the Golden Key International Honour Society, USA; Norwich City FC, UK.

Abdulla is currently working on a variety of projects in both Arabic and English.

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