August, 2012

Today in the history of Bahrain marks the anniversary of three disasters which all coincided on the 23rd of August, the disasters are as follows:

1- The first civil airplane crash in the history of Bahrain, when a British plane owned by the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) crashed off of the shores of Bahrain prior to landing in 1947.  The plane was bound to Bahrain from Karachi.  The crash claimed the lives of 7 people.

2- The Gulf Air disaster in 2000, the worst air disaster in the history of Bahrain when a flight bound to Bahrain from Cairo crashed a few kilometers off of the shores of the island of Muharraq.  The crash claimed the lives of 143 passengers from various nationalities.

3- In 2004 Bahrain suffered a near-complete electrical blackout, the blackout continued for hours and gradually returned to various parts of the islands.  Never in the history of Bahrain did the country suffer such a electrical/technological disaster.  Businesses suffered the most on that day.

For more information on those disasters and others that hit the Kingdom of Bahrain please read the book entitled, “Tears on an Island” (2009), by Dr. Abdul-Aziz Yusuf Hamza.  The book is available in book stores in Arabic and English.

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Mr. Mahdi Abdulla of Akhbar Al-Khaleej newspaper covers today the release of my latest publication, “Charles Belgrave in the shades of Siwa Oasis.”

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